Book Review: You are a Badass

You are a BadassSometimes it takes 20 years to find a life-changing book.  In my case, it was at my 20-year high school reunion that Kristy Wexler, fitness guru and official Badass, suggested I read: You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. Actually, Kristy suggested I listen to it on Audible and I think you should do the same.

Before you keep reading, please note that there are some four-letter words in this post. They are quotes from the book and I love them.   I’ve been reading a lot of motivational books lately and few resonated with me like this one has.  The book is based on the premise that you can live the life you want by speaking in the present and by loving yourself.  In fact, at the end of every chapter, Sincero reminds the reader/listener to love themselves.  You absolutely cannot be successful and make positive change if you don’t love yourself first.

The book is designed for people who are stuck in life or who just need an extra shove off a cliff. It’s for all stages of life, from those who feel like they are at the bottom of the ladder to those who are on the brink of greatness.  Well, actually, she thinks everyone is on the brink of greatness – that’s why she wrote the book.

My takeaways are:

  • Write down your life as you see it as if it’s really happening.
  • Make it happen.  You need to have the right attitude, but you need to do the work.
  • Getting a coach can help get you to your goals.
  • You need to love yourself – this one you cannot avoid.
  • Think in the positive.  Get rid of words like Can’t, Won’t, Never.
  • Like attracts like – put out what you want to get back.

The concepts in this books are not new to someone who believes in karma and the power of the universe.  What made this different is that Sincero is cool.  She’s tough. She walks the talk.  She is a Badass.

So what’s my absolute favorite part of the book?  This quote: “Nothing is more unstoppable than a freight train full of Fuck-Yeah.”

Get the book.  Absorb the book.  Go be a Badass!



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