Connecting People Through Marketing Strategy

Business is built on relationships.  People do business with people they like. These aren’t just cliches. This is the way that the world works and this is what we live and breathe.  Seven Degrees Communications was created to help people connect and grow. Whether they are growing their companies or looking for professional growth within an organization, we are here to help by providing smart marketing strategies that get results.

We first started our company because of the opportunities that social media presented to help people connect.  Since then we have expanded our focus to creating marketing campaigns that create connections and build businesses.  We build marketing plans that connect you to the right audiences. We coach you on networking (we know if can be scary). We do whatever it takes to help people connect and do business. Whether it is through social media, events, PR or traditional marketing, we work with our clients to get in front of the right people at the right time.


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