Embracing Technology

We don’t believe in using technology just for the sake of using technology. Our philosophy has always been that if technology doesn’t serve a purpose, then it is just a toy.  We love what technology allows us to do.  We love how it helps us connect to people and ideas that we never would have discovered without it.  We love how it makes our lives easier and more efficient. We want people to embrace technology as much as we do.

You don’t have to be a “techie” to understand how technology can help you.  You know your business better than anyone and that should dictate your strategy.  Technology simply supports your efforts and helps you achieve your goals.

At Seven Degrees, it’s in our DNA to help others love technology. We want you to own the technology, we don’t want technology to own you.

Whether it’s how to use social media, how to build a new website or what is the best mobile app for your event, we help you figure it. When we discuss tech with you, there are never any stupid questions. Technology changes and it’s hard to keep up. What we ask of our clients is that they are open to learning and receptive to new ideas. Once we have that, we can help you achieve anything.




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