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James Spellos, CMP

Jessica Levin is the best speaker on technology I've ever seen. Her combination of intelligence and passion allows her to easily connect with her audience and provide them with the critical insights and a-ha moments they require. Her presentations are must-see events, where everyone walks away with tremendous value.

Nicole Henry - MSPC

Jessica and her team at Seven Degrees Communications has been a delight to work with. Not only is she a savvy and knowledgeable social media expert, but she has significant connections in the world of accounting marketing . She has proven time and time again to be reliable, efficient and hard-working. I am always impressed with her ability to complete projects and tasks assigned to her in a timely manner, whether she is in the office or sitting in an airport, Jessica is readily accessible to her client’s urgent demands and concerns. She has spearheaded many of our firms marketing initiatives and has advised us on the most effective and profitable ways to improve on our existing programs. In general, Jessica goes to great lengths to accomplish any task that is given to her and is always up for the challenge. She never hesitates to take on extra roles, which goes beyond her own job scope.

Miguel Neves - IMEX

I have had the pleasure of participating in several sessions that have featured Jessica as a speaker. She recently led several event technology sessions at IMEX America 2013 on the App Bar and the Tech Hub. Jessica was great to work with in preparation for the trade show. All of Jessica's sessions were well attended and she received excellent feedback from our attendees. I would highly recommend Jessica for any Event Technology or related speaking, training or facilitating role

Don Meyer - NJSCPA

Jessica has been at the forefront of the social media revolution. She played a key role in the development of the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJSCPA) social media strategy and produced presentations that have educated both Society staff and members. Having presented with Jessica on a few occasions, I'm happy to report that she puts her knowledge to work in creative and effective ways. She has an in-depth knowledge of the accounting profession and its markets -- a quality that is of tremendous value to the NJSCPA. In summary, Jessica has shown herself to be a talented and dedicated professional, taking great pride in the quality of work that she produces.

Christine Melendes - ACG

It is without hesitation that I recommend Jessica. From the time I met her (through Twitter in 2009) I knew she was a go to resource for all things technology. She is passionate about connecting professionals with technology that will help them be more productive. In addition, she truly understands the demands that association professionals face from her years working among us. This directly translates into a trusted resource and adviser. She is a fun, talented and joy to work with!

Billy Kirsch - Kidbilly Music

I've hired Jessica to consult for me on strategic planning, social media training and general guidance on marketing to the event industry. Jessica's knowledge is vast, she's always willing to share her expertise, make introductions and she continues to keep me on track. I highly recommend Jessica Levin and Seven Degrees Communications!

Dana Bottorff - G.T. Reily

Jessica connects all the dots and draws a clear picture of how to boost your marketing effectiveness with strategic, integrated use of social media . She is my social media guru – and she does it all with humor and style!”

Michael Bowlan - BSW CPAs

Jessica Levin is engaging, informative, fun – and human – in her presentations.

Diana Maccia - Helms Briscoe

Jessica is amazing at her attentiveness to connecting people and networking. It's a great attribute to be able to work with the social networking that is our new sign of the times. Jessica has a way of working the people aspect to the social networking in a way that makes sense to make a connection to our community and industry.

Sylvia Weise - Wipfli LLP

Jessica has been a great contact for me in many ways. From a networking perspective,Jessica knows people and enjoys putting people together. Personally,she has put me in contact with many great people, some who have become clients and others who have just been great people to know. Lastly, from an educational point of view, I have been involved with Jessica in several events and groups she's run and have learned a great deal through the content she brings to those events and groups. I would highly recommend Jessica.

Alex Lieberman - All-Ways Advertising Company

Jessica has been a great contact for me in many ways. From a networking perspective, Jessica knows people and enjoys putting people together. Personally, she has put me in contact with many great people, some who have become clients and others who have just been great people to know. Lastly, from an educational point of view, I have been involved with Jessica in several events and groups she's run and have learned a great deal through the content she brings to those events and groups. I would highly recommend Jessica.

Karen Brown - Conferences by Design

Jessica Levin is one of the foremost front-runners in social media usage that I know. Her wit and wisdom match her knowledge of this latest phenomena. At a recent event planners conference, Jessica was easy to spot - find the crowd and look to the middle - where she could be found giving sage, sound advice, downloading and demonstrating mobile apps for various devices. Having Jessica speak about social media would be a major asset to any event.

Deirdre Breakenridge - Pure Performance Communications

I had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica Levin and working with her, as she was planning the New Jersey Professional Services Marketing Group (NJPSMG) event on PR 2.0. Jessica reached out to me to ask me if I was interested in speaking to the members of her organization on the subject. After we met a few times to discuss the event, I was very impressed with Jessica’s knowledge of social media communications and her familiarity with the topic. I was also really pleased to have a seasoned marketer working with me to promote the program; one whose efforts led to a highly successful event for NJPSMG members. Working with Jessica was an easy process. She paid very close attention to details and at all times was extremely organized in her efforts. I believe that Jessica’s skill as an event marketer and as someone who understands the relevance of the topic truly helped to make my presentation a success.

Tracy Fink -CohnReznick

I would highly recommend Jessica to present on Social Media. She is an excellent presenter with a strong command of the subject. She has embraced this new way of communicating and can clearly explain their value and benefit in language that anyone can understand. Jessica has a calm way of demystifying social media so that her audiences can put aside their fears and use these vehicles to best market themselves and their businesses. Jessica is the goddess of social media!

Karen Watson - Experient, Inc.

Jessica has spoken twice at our customer conferences. Jessica's presentation on Twitter, as well as her personal accessibility to answer attendees' questions before and after her presentation, certainly were a hit. Her use of personal stories to illustrate Twitter (a subject matter that was foreign to most of our attendees) were a positive addition to her speaking style and created some "ah ha's" for audience members.

Brian Swanson - FlashPoint

Jessica has a solid understanding of traditional marketing tactics and strategies and how they apply. She has a keen sense and deep understanding of how to take traditional methods and change them for optimal effectiveness within the digital media. Jessica has been a valuable resource to myself, the Association for Accounting Marketing and Flashpoint Marketing as we have made the entrance into the social media marketing world. If you are seeking advice from a well versed and intelligent marketing professional I recommend speaking with Jessica. Beyond this she has a great personality, is very friendly and will get you laughing. She is a great person to have on your team.

Carol Lassak - Delphia Consulting

I heard Jessica present at a business conference and was impressed by the depth and breadth of her knowledge about social networking to help connect people. Of course, Jessica is one of the most online connected people I know. She definitely walks the talk. Her presentation was filled with great tips and pointers for taking social networking to the next level.

David Bergstein - CCH

I have know Jessica for over three years and have secured her to speak the last two years at our User Conference. She did a great job in presenting on worthwhile and interesting topics. She speaks on Marketing and I would highly recommend her.

Jeff Greene - New Factory Solutions

Jessica is a driven marketing pro who is always looking out for her organization. She has a knack for planning, getting things done and being the calm at the center of the storm. She's been great to work with.

Leslie Baker - RSM McGladrey

Jessica is the kind of marketing professional you can be proud to be associated with. You can contact here with any kind of question or challenge and she will respond quickly, skillfully - and, with admirable candor and insight. Her energy is boundless. Her network is diverse and extensive. No matter whose counsel you may need, Jessica will put you in touch or know someone who can help you. I am proud to work alongside her as a marketer and treasure her friendship.

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