The Role of Blogging in Event Marketing

Businesses and individuals participate in events 365 days a year. There are seminars, meetings, trade shows, conferences and concerts and festivals. Events can be live, virtual or even a mix of both (hybrid). Blogging can play a pivotal role in getting people to participate, share ideas, network, as well as, learn before during and after the event. This session will discuss the ways in which event organizers, marketers, bloggers, speakers, entertainers and attendees can work together to increase attendance and to better engage participants long before they arrive and well after they leave. This session will be highly interactive and will call upon the audience to share their experiences. We will also feature case studies showing some creative uses for blogging as part of an event marketing and engagement strategy.


  • Understanding why blogging for an event is different than an everyday blog.
  • Ideas on how to incorporate and leverage blog posts as part of event marketing and engagement.
  • Real-world examples of how blogging has impacted events.