Public Speaking

Brand Development

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” – Peter Drucker 

Have you ever looked at your company’s mission statement and wondered what it really meant? Are you asking yourself, “what mission statement?”  Are you able to succinctly define your corporate culture and if you can, do you love what it represents? Do you think your company needs a branding overhaul?

We believe that both internal culture and client service are defining characteristics of your brand and must be clearly spelled out to grow, and retain both clients and talent.  We approach branding by helping you define your corporate culture;  create messaging that supports the culture inside and outside of the organization; and by helping to create processes that help your leadership and employees live the brand every day.  We place an emphasis on leveraging culture for business development.

Our branding services are:

  • Defining Corporate Culture and Creating Corporate Manifestos
  • Tagline Creation
  • Brand Identity Packages
  • Brand and Culture Integration Consulting
  • Client Service Programs

Are You:

  • An Association
  • An Event Organizer
  • A Small Business
  • Professional Services
  • Looking for a Speaker

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